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Stories about people. People who must ponder the implications of their laser gun swords.

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Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond
Bill Campbell, Edward Austin Hall
Deathstalker War (Owen Deathstalker, Vol. 3)
Simon R. Green
Jews Without Money
Michael Gold

Mystery in Space

Mystery in Space (Pulp Fiction Library) - Gardner F. Fox, Virgil Finlay, Edmond Hamilton, Len Wein, Paul Levitz, Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Joe Kubert, Alex Toth Mostly old sci-fi comics from back in the day when a childish lack of realism and abundance of strange ideas was the norm. Great stuff.

Standouts include: Ultra the Multi-Alien, a man who gets hit with four ray guns at once and becomes four different kinds of aliens, with different powers at once.

Also The Atomic Knights, men in a post-apocalyptic future who find that, for some reason, the armor of medieval knights will protect them from radiation. It makes no sense, but as they traverse the bombed out husk of America in glider planes, wearing full suits of armor, the reader gets some great visuals.

And many more. A great book.