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Jews Without Money
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This volume is sort of all over the place, but it's still great fun. It also has one of the earliest Astro Boy stories to show up yet in these books.

That early one is also interesting because it has some of the basic overtness of a heavy-handed drug story, except that the drug makes people dance convulsively (until horrible withdrawal sets in) and we actually have images of main characters taking it (under duress or in a fake way, but still) which you wouldn't get in an American anti-drug story as part of a regular adventure cartoon.

Then again, the first story in the volume shows a bunch of dead bodies, and "The 100 Million Year Old Crime" has some rather violent deaths. That last one is pretty bizarre and all over the place, but very entertaining.

There's nothing incredible in this volume, but it's all still high quality (and we get to see Astro with an adult body, which is weird).