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Shadow Moon - Chris Claremont, George Lucas Found this for 6 bucks at America's best bookstore (The Strand in NYC) and couldn't resist. It is extremely nerdy on about 50 different levels, but let me try to explain:

Remember a fantasy movie from the 80's called Willow? It had Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer taking care of an adorable baby as they fought evil? A fun, but not perfect, film. Well, it was all from an idea George Lucas had back in the 70's (and we all know that Lucas' old ideas were pretty great--especially when he got talent people who weren't him to realize them), and the idea--like that for Star Wars--involved much more story than what was first presented to us, the viewing public. I think that the greater series was meant to, in part, be about the character of the baby. So Lucas outlined a trilogy of books to follow the film.

Still with me? You may be thinking, "gee, Elijah, that sure sounds nerdy, but is it really THAT nerdy?" Yes, because the author that Lucas got to write said books was Chris Claremont, writer of some of the 20th century's best fiction by way of his nearly 20 years writing X-Men comics. I'm not terribly familiar with his prose... but his comics are often so full of narration boxes that, realistically, I probably am.

I am excited.