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Uncertain, Fugitive, Half-fabulous

Stories about people. People who must ponder the implications of their laser gun swords.

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Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond
Bill Campbell, Edward Austin Hall
Deathstalker War (Owen Deathstalker, Vol. 3)
Simon R. Green
Jews Without Money
Michael Gold
Fantastic Four, Vol. 1: New Departure, New Arrivals - Matt Fraction, Mike Allred, Mark Bagley Between Fraction's new Fantastic Four and FF (looks like both are included here) I think I look forward to the latter a little more each month. Something about a group of misfits (and She-Hulk) trying to be the Fantastic Four while something ominous is going on is just such a simple, perfect concept. Also, Mike. Fucking. Allred. Both series are great, smart stuff though.