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Stories about people. People who must ponder the implications of their laser gun swords.

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Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond
Bill Campbell, Edward Austin Hall
Deathstalker War (Owen Deathstalker, Vol. 3)
Simon R. Green
Jews Without Money
Michael Gold
Astro Boy, Vol. 6 - Osamu Tezuka, Frederik L. Schodt In the previous volumes, there isn't a single story long enough to fill one book, but suddenly with Volume 6 we get the beginning of one that takes up this volume, the next, and most of the one after that. It's actually the final Astro Boy story that Tezuka ever did (and no, I don't understand the order these are being presented in). I won't review much until I've finished the story entirely, but it's some suitably epic, funny, and often heartbreaking stuff. Astro gets stuck in the late 60's (when the story was being written) and once the basic fish out of water jokes are out of the way, it gets quite sad, at times.