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Astro Boy, Vol. 7 - Osamu Tezuka, Frederik L. Schodt This is the middle part of a longer story, so I'll save a full review for the next volume, but... man, is this good. This final Astro Boy story manages to be extremely touching. There are always emotional and allegorical undercurrents to the series, but here a lot of that comes out in the open, and the result is a story that's considerably less happy-go-lucky. Good guys don't always win, injustice isn't always punished, and other such things that you wouldn't expect from a series ostensibly aimed at kids. (Although, by the time he wrote this the series had been going for more than 15 years, so some of his fans had grown up.)

Interestingly, there's one interlude in this book that not only completely goes against what the buildup to it leads one to expect (any more specifics would be spoilery) but it borrows a lot of its content and imagery very directly from the American Civil Rights movement. This was written in the late 60's, and it gives a very stark image of what American whites looked like to the rest of the world at the time. (Strangely, Tezuka still draws black people in a rather offensive way, but we'll chalk that up to the ignorance of the time and place.)