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Somebody Owes Me Money - Donald E Westlake "There weren't any police cars stopped out front, so I parked by a hydrant--there are no parking places in New York, the last one was taken in 1948..."
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A fun Donald E. Westlake book that may not be amongst his all-time best--but even run of the mill Westlake is pretty good. Somebody Owes Me Money benefits from being genuinely funny throughout (with one chase scene near the end, in particular, being pretty hilarious). The main character is a man named Chet Conway (no, really) who gets stuck in the middle of all sorts of mob happenings--Chet's first person voice is pretty unique and a lot of fun, it's a major part of what makes the book worth reading. It also doesn't hurt that Abbie, the female lead, is a fun and competent character, without being (at all) the cliche femme fatale that every halfway competent woman from an old mystery usually has to be.

The biggest drawback, really, is that the resolution of the mystery itself is pretty unsatisfying; one of the characters even points this out at the time, but that doesn't make it not so. Nonetheless, I don't really read mysteries to see "who dun it," I read them for the old school atmosphere and the dizzying pace, which are definitely here. It's not at all the sort of darker thing that Westlake wrote under his Stark moniker, more like a fluffy, North By Northwest-style 60's thriller, but a very enjoyable one.