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The Warded Man - Peter V. Brett The Warded Man has a great conceit at its center--namely, that demons rise from the Earth every night and try to kill everybody--and the book is at its best when it's dealing with the ramifications of that, which is most of the time.

Story-wise, there's something of a slow burn, but it's utilized very well, as we're introduced to three main characters who don't meet each other until almost the end of the novel. They fit a bit too much into fantasy archetypes when you take a step back and look at them, but the novel takes the time to really flesh them out so that, most of the time, they feel like people. Personally, I always love seeing a regular person, who we get to know very well, become a legendary figure to everyone else, and that's provided very well where the titular character is concerned.

All told, a very strong book, with the biggest flaws being things that could turn out to not be flaws, depending on how they're handled later on (funny how that works with series). Those maybe-flaws regard fun things like gender roles and the treatment of a Middle Eastern-like culture in the book--but I took both things (tentatively) as examples of ways in which the world goes crazy and regressive in such a situation (it's not like the European-like people are that great in an overall way either). So we'll see...