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Night Walker (Hard Case Crime #16) - Donald Hamilton I would give this three and a half stars, if I could. This novel takes the Cold War paranoia and spy stories of its era and transmutes them into something more personal and more hard-boiled, with only the slightest nod to "Commies" or whatever. It also confuses the reader as to whether it'll be the kind of noir story where the hero comes through and ends the story alive, or the kind where he doesn't and he dies, so there was some real suspense in there, for me, as to how it would end.

Also, a great concept that plays with identity, the ways in which establishments can tell us who we are no matter the actual truth, trust, and PTSD. The book isn't anything groundbreaking, it plays with great ideas but doesn't necessarily go anywhere amazing with them, but it's still definitely worth your time if you're a fan of the genre.