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Stories about people. People who must ponder the implications of their laser gun swords.

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Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond
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Deathstalker War (Owen Deathstalker, Vol. 3)
Simon R. Green
Jews Without Money
Michael Gold
Lone Wolf and Cub, Vol. 2: The Gateless Barrier - Kazuo Koike, Goseki Kojima Things step up quickly from the first volume to this one. Itto kills some insanely innocent people, and gets caught up when he doesn't even have a job to do but someone realizes who he is and becomes convinced that our "hero" is there to assassinate him. This is also where Daigoro becomes much more fleshed out as a character: the little tyke still says pretty much nothing, but he does a lot more, and is also passive at more interesting times. It's here that we see how his eyes can go dull, because even as a toddler he's seen way too much violence.

Oh, also, Itto kills a living Buddha. Classic.