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Captain America, Vol. 1: Castaway in Dimension Z, Book One - Rick Remender, John Romita Jr. A lot of people try, in one series or another, to go back to the glory days of full-on Jack Kirby insanity. Remender and Romita come very close, without compromising their own voices (does the artist draw with a "voice"? probably not). This is part because Remender comes awfully close to having as many amazing, batshit crazy ideas to just throw at the wall as Kirby did, and part because Romita Jr. might just be one of the best comics artists ever. I once even read a Mark Millar comic for his art. Ew. (Not Kick Ass though, that would've been too much.)

Cast Away in Dimension Z does something very smart with Captain America -- it removes him almost entirely from the Marvel Universe as we know it. No other heroes, no WWII flashbacks, and an unlimited amount of time (since the man is ageless, he could even end up trapped there for decades) mean getting to the core of who Cap really is. Nothing else in Dimension Z even knows what "America" is.

It's great, is what I'm saying. Pulpy and weird, but not a slave to the past. Like Captain America.