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Justice League International, Vol. 2 - Keith Giffen;J.M. Dematteis A little weaker than the first volume, overall, although it's really not the fault of the creators. The first few issues are great and those that follow have a lot of wonderful character moments, but a lot of th book gets caught up in crossovers involving characters I don't really care about, and annual set so far back that it's hard to get back into the mindset of the first few issues.

Nonetheless, the character humor in here is top form, and I note that this league, on the whole, still hasn't done much of anything themselves, which is kinda neat. Of special note are the extra-nice version of Guy Gardner (hilarious) and the way that Batman is handled: team books should always give him the chance to be the total, irredeemable asshole that we all know he would be, and not to give him the benefit of always being such for the right reasons.