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Fables, Vol. 6: Homelands - David Hahn, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Bill Willingham My five stars come with a caveat: they do not include the first two issues. They are a standalone story about Jack, an apparently popular character whose appeal I REALLY don't get. My girlfriend didn't like those issues, I skimmed them, and then moved on to the good stuff. And damn is it good.

In contrast to Jack, Boy Blue might be my favorite character, and watching him move through a story that suddenly jumped entirely into epic fantasy was a delight. It was clever, and bad-ass, and interesting, and all that stuff. Plus, we learn the identity of the Adversary, who ends up being a very well-written character. Also, Mowgli all grown up is great (not really a fairytale character, buuuuuuut I'll allow it). Lastly, I've taken a lot of issue with Buckingham's art in this series, but here he really stepped it up. Maybe the more dynamic setting of the Homelands got him interested: in past volumes, he seemed to get bored.

Great stuff.