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Uncanny Avengers #1

Uncanny Avengers #1 - Rick Remender Aside from one problem that's been pretty well publicized by now (including by me), this is very good stuff that takes its main conceit -- that the Marvel Universe should care more about its mutants -- straight on. Remender is not exactly subtle about the messages he's putting across, but it is comics, and he makes up for any bludgeoning with a stream of great ideas. (I've also been reading his current Captain America run, which is a whole other magnitude of crazy.) It makes me happy that Marvel is, for the moment anyway, back to a status quo that has heroes disagreeing and sniping at each other without it just turning into another war, and over things that actually matter. Cassaday's art is always beautiful, and he finds the perfect middle ground between supposed realism and four-color iconic heroes.

Also, this first book features a team in which almost every memeber has funny things on their heads. That's gotta count for something.